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Happy Birthday Ray Benson

Four and a half years ago I married in to the music industry.  I’m proud to say that my husband, Nick, is a mastering engineer at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin and he sits on the board of governors for the Texas chapter of the Recording Academy.

Occasionally I get to tag along as a VIP to events like the Grammys and SXSW and other concerts and events.  Most of the time I act like a good wife and try not to embarrass Nick in front of his colleagues.  For most events I take a small point and shoot just in case, but I don’t lug around a big camera because, well, a 10 lb. camera is not exactly a lady-like accessory.

This week, however, is SXSW in Austin and one thing that happens every year around this time is Ray Benson’s birthday party.  Ray Benson is best known for his time with the band Asleep at the Wheel, and he wrote iconic songs like Route 66 and Miles and Miles of Texas.  Last year we were honored to be invited to the party, which featured Benson and guest artist after guest artist.  After taking photos with my cell phone, I decided this year to throw out the high heels and wear some sensible shoes, and this time I brought my camera.

Still trying not to be too much of an embarrassment, I only brought one lens and I didn’t climb all over the stage (turns out security doesn’t let you do that unless you’re credentialed), but stayed in the front with the rest of the fans and took snap shots.

Before we get to the photos, I just want to say Happy Birthday to Mr. Ray Benson and thanks for letting us join your party!

Here are some of my shots:

Ray Benson and Kat Edmonson

Miles and Miles of Texas

Ray Benson with The Trishas

Ray Benson


Cody Canada

Kat Edmonson

Ray Benson

Cup Cakes provided by Hey Cupcake

I have friends who thrive on concert photography and can’t get enough of it.  It’s not really my thing.  I enjoy it every once in a while since the lighting is pretty much done for me and whoever is performing has to get animated at some point – almost a guaranteed shot.  My problem is a lot of concert photography all is very much the same, which makes editing difficult.  “Do I like the one with the guitar player’s head tilted left or right better?”  And then the lighting colors tend to be super saturated, which makes post processing difficult.  But on the up side, when it’s music you like (like Ray Benson), it’s a great day at work!

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