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ACL 2011

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin for the Statesman.

I had never been to ACL, not even as a spectator, but I had heard of the craziness and seen the amazing photos from past years.  ACL is a giant music festival with eight different stages.

I learned a lot, thanks to Jay Janner and Tina Phan, and know exactly what I would and wouldn’t do if I ever get the chance to cover ACL again.  But enough about that, you’re thinking “where are the pictures?!”  Here they are…

The Bands

I had a list of 4 bands to cover:  The Lee Boys, Bomba Estereo, Fleet Foxes and Social Distortion

The Fans

And now for some shots of the fans…

 The Weather

The weather got a little dicey there for a little while, but it never did rain.  The dark clouds made for a couple of nice features, though.

And here’s a shot of me after I finished work last night…

Just kidding!  I had a great time and that’s a shot of a little girl who had a very long weekend with her parents.

Click here to see a gallery of all of the Statesman’s images from ACL.

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