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Things that Thump – Part 1

I spent some time at the Luling Watermelon Thump over the weekend and it was a great time with some great photos and some very colorful people.

Below is a collection of people I met at the Thump on Thursday:

It was a cloudy afternoon and it rained a bit before I got there, but I stayed dry and the sun came out before too long.

While I was there I shot the weighing of the watermelons and the coronation of the Thump Queen.

The winning watermelon weighed in at 63.3 lbs and was grown in a joint effort by Lester Henry and Melissa Schneider.  After last year’s Thump, Schneider convinced Henry to grow a watermelon for the competition and he agreed, as long as she would help him do it.  The champion watermelon was auctioned off later in the weekend.

Probably the most important election all year for the people of Luling is the Thump Queen.  Teenage girls campaign for months and choose the perfect dress to match the Thump Queen crown.  Little girls watch in awe as six beautiful young ladies walk the stage before the announcement is made.  Well, sort of.

Thursday Paige Heller was revealed as the 2010 Thump Queen.  She is pictured below (left) with the 2009 Thump Queen RaVana Damon.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of “Things that Thump.”

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