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On Saturday I shot the University of Texas v. Oklahoma State University football game at  Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium for the Austin American-Statesman.

I worked with staff photographer Deborah Cannon, who took the UT sideline and I took the OSU sideline.  But first, we got word that there would be a flyover with WWII planes.  Veterans were supposed to parachute on to the field, one with a giant American flag, just before the game started.

Deborah went straight to the field, but I wanted to get a different perspective, so I rode the elevator up to the 11th floor, then walked up the stairs all the way to the top of the bleachers.  I envisioned capturing the planes as they flew over the stadium, then getting that perfect shot of the flag, centered over the field with parachuters all around and the crowd cheering.

Of course, things never turn out exactly how I envision.  The pre-game ritual started, the band came out, and I snapped away as a giant Texas flag unfurled on the field, but still no planes.

The coin was tossed and the clock ran down.  Finally, just before the kick-off, the planes flew over head quickly in a missing man formation, but no jumpers.

I sighed at the thought of climbing down all those stairs without the photo I came for, but no matter, I had a game to shoot.

After a quick stop in the photo work room to send in a couple frames, like the one above, I made my way to the field.

It wasn’t a great game for UT.  The final score was OSU 38, UT 13.  By the fourth quarter, the stands were pretty much empty.  I don’t get to shoot there often, so I soaked up as much as I could and tried to get some decent action.

Here are a few of my favorites.

I shot many more images.  You can view those and Deborah Cannon’s photos by clicking here.

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